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Vlisco Real Dutch wax – Vlisco Official Distributor

Vlisco Real Dutch wax – Vlisco Official Distributor

Vlisco, the fashion-makers of Africa. Vlisco represents an international Group of companies specialised in the creation, manufacturing, sales and marketing of high quality Wax Prints and Java Prints for the African market. VLISCO Real Dutch Wax Prints is in the market of African Prints. 

Vlisco is certainly no stranger to Africa. Vlisco Real Dutch Wax was introduced in Africa more than a century ago. Originally marketed in the Dutch Indies before being introduced on the (West) African Continent at the beginning of the last century, these highly appreciated fabrics came from the very same textile factory where Vlisco Real Dutch Wax Prints are still printed today.

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Vlisco Real Dutch Wax has been interwoven with African Culture for decades and the tradition lives on as strong as ever.
Vlisco produces a beautiful array of printed fabrics, using printing techniques that have been developed in the course of our long history and using colorants and dyestuffs that demand specific know-how and great care. All designs are created by our in-house Design Studio.

Real Dutch Wax is unique – and Vlisco its only producer. The Vlisco brand name is a guarantee of original wax prints, manufactured exclusively in the Netherlands.

Vlisco is high-fashion to millions of African women all over the world, whether they live in Abidjan, Lagos, Paris or Chicago.

Vlisco develops fashion textiles that change with the season, and in its flagship stores the company demonstrates the various models that can be made with these fabrics. Vlisco has become increasingly wellknown and popular in the Western world in recent decades. The Dutch Wax phenomenon is not something that can easily be pige onholed under the classical concepts of colonial rule and dominance of Western fashion. What emerges from the Vlisco story is a unique interplay of cultures that radically alters our vision of what constitutes both a ‘national’ identity and habits of fashion and dress.  

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