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Bazin Riche – Brocade

Jansen Holland House of Premium fabrics is the supplier for the finest and best Bazin Riche fabric in the world. Jansen Holland is both producer and main supplier for the best qualities of Bazin Riche you can get. Bazin Riche also known in English as Brocade. The English name of Brocade comes from the Italian word broccato ,which means embossed cloth.  Bazin Riche Fabric is a very high class of woven cotton and is mainly very decorative. Bazin Riche is coming into all kind of colours. Each quality and brand have their own speciality of weaving. Each quality of Bazin Riche has its own binding and threads. In terms of additional features we talk about finishes and yarns that are used to make these Bazin Riche.

How it is made

Bazin Riche or Brocade is made in all different kind of ways of weaving. Each brand and each quality has it own bindings of weaving, its own typically yarns that are use, like Egyptian cotton, and its own finishes. One Bazin Riche fabric is not like any other Bazin Riche. The market for Bazin Riche is big in West -Africa and especially in Senegal, Mali, Niger and Nigeria and many more. Each country has its own preferences of the way they wear it, both man and women is different in colour choice, designs, length and width. Nowadays most of the countries are used to a width of 160 cm.

The length variates from 3 meters for just a top up-to traditional 10 meters for a man that needs a “big boubou” to make him look rich wealthy and traditional. Some other widths are 130 cm, 140 cm, 150 and 155 cm. Beside Bazin Riche there is also a Bazin Riche artisanal which is made to be dyed by hand. Many of the above mentioned countries they use Bazin Riche artisanal to dye. One famous design for Bazin Riche is the Wagambari which is a traditional design especially for Bazin Riche. Jansen Holland has it all, the choices are endless.


JH Victoire

Jansen Holland is producer and main supplier for JH Victoire. JH Victoire is a really famous authentic Brocade Shedda. At this moment perceived as the most comfortable Brocade Shedda with the highest brilliance possible. The JH Victoire collections are colourful, highly in brilliance even after washing many times, soft on your skin, pleasant to wear in het hot sun. Overall a brocade you have to try.

Wearing Victoire Bazin means that you are wearing the highest quality available in the world. JH Victoire is the ultimate brand in the market with many designs and colours for both men and women.  The JH Victoire collections are easy to use for daily use and special occasions like celebrations, weddings and other parties. JH Victoire Bazin Riche is available in 3 variations. Victoire Unique, Victoire Magic and Victoire cool. Another quality of Victoire is the Victoire Magic Princess, this is the Bazin Rich with additional prints.  Each quality of Victoire Bazin Riche has its own special feature.


Another famous brand and well known for many years is Getzner Textil. Getzner Textil is Austrian manufacturer of African Bazin Brocade of the upscale genre and is one of the most important and experienced suppliers for the Bazin Riche – brocades shedda of high quality for both the West-and Central African market.

The premium quality products in all its variations comes mostly in 160 cm width I and s made of 100% cotton and guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort due to its special, noble soft and silky feel. The technology of weaving by Getzner gives the brocade the unique, silky and shine, as well as the typical grip of their brocade shedda products. Jansen Holland is supplying Getzner Super Magnum xxl and Getzner Princess.


A unique brand in the market is the brand BemBAZIN™. BemBAZIN™ is an innovative and valuable bazin for the African Damask fabricated in Italy. Its composition makes it unique in the world. BemBAZIN™ is made with BemBerg™ a unique cupro fiber. A true original precious fiber which is exclusively for BemBAZIN, premium quality of African Damask. It is the brand of Asahi Kasei and refers to a regenerated cellulose fiber. The Cupro fiber.

The cupro fiber is an incomparable natural high-tech material, with an esthetic  and a special touch. The cupro controls moisture and is antitastic, its versatility and flexibility are perfect for the modern wardrobe.

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