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JH Victoire

JH Victoire is a really famous authentic genuine Brocade shedda, more known by the name “guinea brocade” or in French Bazin Riche, and voiles. At this moment perceived as the most comfortable Brocade Shedda with the highest brilliance possible. The JH Victoire collections are colourful, highly in brilliance even after washing many times, soft on your skin, pleasant and comfortable to wear in the hot sun. Overall a brocade you have to try. The product line of is unique in its kind, each quality guarantees a fabric that breaths, its shine stays after washing and it has a great perfume.

Wearing Bazin Victoire means that you are wearing the highest quality available in the world. JH Victoire is the ultimate brand in the market with many designs and colors for both men and women.  The Bazin Victoire collections are easy to use for daily use and special occasions like celebrations, weddings and other parties. JH Victoire Bazin Riche is coming in 10 variations. Victoire Unique, Victoire Magic, Victoire cool, Victoire Super Wagambari, Victoire Magic Princesse, Victoire Elite and Victoire Voile Princesse are the main qualities. Below each quality and others are described.

Each quality has its own special feature. JH Victoire is available in packages of 30 meter but you can also buy like 5 meter, 6 meter or 10 meter packages. All the qualities of JH Victoire comes with a width of 160 cm, what is today’s fashion.

Victoire Unique

Victoire Unique is currently the highest quality brocade on the market. It is made with the extremely dense Egyptian cotton you can get in the world. The softness, it is light so very pleasant to dress yourself into a Victoire Unique, it feels like a second skin. The brilliance gives you the most luxury look and made this Victoire Unique unbeatable and very unique in today’s market!

Victoire Unique is available in many different colors. Each new collection is composed with a team of experts that listens and looking to market demands. Every market in Africa have their own preferences for its brocades so all the designs of Victoire Unique are created with the utmost care by the team of experts. All the designs can create an even higher contrast to the fabric due to the way the bindings meet within the weaving of the brocade. The whole team of designers and production experts is working hard to get this Victoire Unique to the highest quality possible.

Victoire Elite

Victoire Elite is higher quality guinea Brocade shedda which is made with higher quality of weaving, which makes this stronger than the Unique. This Victoire is made with the finest Egyptian cotton and a great perfume.

Victoire Magic

Victoire Magic is high quality guinea Brocade shedda which has the same quality fine Egyptian cotton as Victoire Unique with an exquisite brilliance and contrast. Compared to the Victoire Unique the Victoire Magic has an extra technical feature which makes the fabric resistant to liquid and to stains. That means less washing and fantastic look for a longer period of time. It is a very unique feature for this type of brocade and quality. If you spilled some liquid like water, coffee or soda on your lovely Victoire Magic you can wipe it off easily, but also stains, dirt or food like ice-cream, ketchup this fabric is resistant to it and you can wipe it off. So this makes this fabric very modern due to its sustainability. Better for the environment and less expenses because of multiple usage possibility.

Victoire Magic Princesse

Victoire Magic Princesse is like the Victoire Magic. Same quality guinea Brocade shedda finished with nice patterns of designs on top. This especially for women use. The nice flower patterns gives the Brocade shedda extra elegance, that is why the name Princesse is given to this quality.

Victoire Cool

Victoire Cool is highest grade in price in the JH Victoire collection. This is the best wearable brocade to buy at this moment. Victoire Cool is woven with a technical yarn that makes it ultimately comfortable to wear. The technical yarn structure within this Victoire Cool brocade shedda transports the moisture of your body outwards the brocade. So you do not feel sticky of steamy when you wear this cloth in the hot sun. Stay extra cool with Victoire Cool!

This type of yarn is exclusively and only available in the JH Victoire collection. Another favourable effect of the technical yarn in the Victoire Cool is that it has a very high brilliance which stays after washing and washing. It almost looks like if you wearing a colourful luxury brocade with a silver glance on it. If you wear this brocade people will see.

Victoire Cool Max

Victoire Cool Max is same like Victoire Cool, only difference is that the technical yarn of cool is also dyed in the same colours as the cool. Victoire Magic Cool has all best features of Victoire Magic and Victoire cool. Comfortable wearing, softness, extra cool in the hot sun, liquid resistant, shine remains after washing, sustainable and cost saving.

Victoire Super Wagambari

Victoire Super Wagambari is made with finest weaving methods and known for its famous Wagambari designs.

Victoire Voile and Victoire Voile Princesse

The Victoire Voiles are soft and with cotton voile. The Voiles have one main colour and the Voile Princesse are finished with a nice patterns to give the voiles extra elegance.

Victoire Embroidery Swarovski

these fabrics are exclusive and limited available. The Brocade Shedda is embellished with finest embroideries and Swarovski stones. These fabrics are great to use for parties and special occasions.

Victoire Artisanale

Victoire Artisanal is made for export to dye locally. These are made with highest dense Egyptian cotton and prepared to dye it in the colour you like.

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