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Super Wax

Super Wax was introduced in the 1970’s by Dutch Vlisco Holland. It all started with his very own fabric with the number 1600. ”Super Wax Holland” is famous because of its duo-colouring and the bubbling effect on the print. The Vlisco Super Wax is unique because of its own printing technique that no other brand can produce. The technique that is used to make the Super wax prints are with the highest care and precision. Nowadays more brands have their own Super wax, each with its own quality and features in design and colouring.

How it is made

The Super wax is made basically same like Wax Hollandais fabrics. Like Waxblock, a Super Wax Hollandais design is printed in liquid on the cotton. The Super Wax was dyed with a base colour like indigo blue. Same like Waxblock the Super Wax fabric has the wax breaking effect that occurs during the printing process. This results into an overall pattern of bubbles on the cotton. This gives the Super Wax its famous bubbling effect. Each Super Wax that is printed is going through a process of 27 steps before it is ready to wear.

Exceptional for the Super Wax Hollandais is the double colouring. That means that a Super Wax had more colour blockings than a regular Waxblock. A Super Wax comes out always with a dye colour, like indigo and 3 other colours to make the design vibrant and really colourful. To main colours and later on a third is added to give the fabric more accent to the first two colours and extra contrast. Together with the bubbling effect makes the Super Wax unique.  The third colour is always without the crackling/bubbling effect.

This technique is complementary to the original technique of batik and the regular Wax Hollandais and gives the Super Wax it owns style and status. Same like Wax Hollandais the fabric is printed on both sides. The Super Wax is made with 100% premium quality cotton and is slightly higher than a Waxblock. As extra attribution the Vlisco Super Wax has finished to protect the cotton against wrinkles. That means if you are sit down on a chair, wearing your beloved Super Wax dress, and you stand up the fabric will return in its original shape. Your dress will be come out nicely without any wrinkles.

Keep in mind, this is extra finish, after couple times of washing this effect will be no longer there. However the cotton of the Super Wax fabrics are so soft and smooth that it almost never wrinkles. Super Wax is same like Waxblock a long lasting fabric, which means all the colours and its quality maintains for very long time. That is the strength of Super Wax that offers you the opportunity to make any dress, jacket, or wrap you like it will last long.

The unique features of a Super Wax are:

  • Medium light weight
  • Vibrant designs
  • Colourful prints
  • Bubbling effect all-over the pattern
  • Anti-wrinkle finish
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Easy to use for any garment and occasion (formal and informal)
  • Last long quality


Vlisco Super Wax is famous in countries like Congo. Many famous designs are still produced today. Those are same like in the Waxblock category mentioned as classics. Names as Village Molokai, Onion also known as Matungulu, the ring or bague, carré carré are still produced today. The Super Wax designs are known by its recognizable colour combinations with main bright colours like red, blue, yellow and green.

Other colours often used are pink, orange, brown and purple. These colours are used mainly in Congo, Ivory Coast, Benin and Togo. Countries like Nigeria are also used to the fabric Super Wax. Nigerians they like more softer shades and tones in colouring. With all these different needs and preferences the Super Wax comes out in a wide range of colours combinations.

A Super Wax comes out into mostly 6 yards. Sometimes 4 and 2 yards. 12 yards is not so common. Each design of Super Wax is recognizable with the logo of the brand printed on the fabric together with dying of the indigo.


Jansen Holland House of Premium Fabrics has two brands for Super Wax. Julius Holland and Vlisco. Julius Holland is producing mostly custom made Super Wax designs pretend for certain markets. Besides some Super Wax designs are including the wide range assortment of Jansen Holland. The Julius Holland Super Wax designs are always limited in stock but nevertheless beautiful and beloved by its customers.

Besides Julius Holland, Jansen Holland has a big collection of Super Wax and grand super wax designs of Vlisco. The timeless and always available classic designs as well the modern new collections of Vlisco coming out during the year.

During the year Jansen Holland also have their own Exclusivity on certain designs from Vlisco. As official distributor Jansen Holland also sells exclusive designs for the European market.

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