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Victoire Unique



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Victoire Unique

Victoire Unique is currently the highest quality brocade on the market.
It is made with the extremely dense Egyptian cotton you can get in the world. The softness, it is light so very pleasant to dress yourself into it, it feels like a second skin. The brilliance gives you the most luxury look and made this Victoire quality unbeatable and very unique in today’s market!

Victoire Unique is available in many different colors. Each new collection is composed with a team of experts that listens and looking to market demands. Every market in Africa have their own preferences for its brocades so all the designs of these Victoire items are created with the utmost care by the team of experts. All the designs can create an even higher contrast to the fabric due to the way the bindings meet within the weaving of the brocade.

The whole team of designers and production experts is working hard to get this Victoire quality to the highest quality possible.

• Highest quality brocade
• Briliance and shine remains after washing
• Premium class perfumed
• Softness for extra pleasant feeling
• Endless variations of colours
• 160 cm width
• High contrast in design
• Affordable price

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