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Skywax is a product of the wide range of products of the brand Vlisco. Skywax is based on the Vlisco Wax Hollandais fabrics. Different from Vlisco Waxblock the Vlisco Sky Wax fabrics are completely overdyed with a dark colour, like indigo blue or dark green. In the base the Vlisco Sky Wax is made in the same way as the Vlisco Waxblock finished with the finest embellishments. The base of Skywax is done with a liquid base of wax on the cotton. For Sky Wax this is a dark colour. Like Indigo. More technical processes are made before the fabric is almost ready. At the end the fabric is handled with a total over dye and finished with embellishment with a metallic look. This gives the effect of extra contrast together with the dark colour. The Skywax looks finally really elegant and luxurious.

Mainly the Sky Wax designs are known because existing patterns are used for this product type.
• 100% premium quality cotton
• Finest metallic embellishment to give extra contrast
• Length: 6 yards is 5,48 meters
• Width: 1,20 meter

The maximum order quantity for this product is: