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For years, Mileta has been one of the leading manufacturers of OSAKA voiles especially for the African market. They are one of the largest textile enterprises in Europe.

Mileta Osaka voiles is one of the most well-known brand of voiles.
The voile is a luxury Swiss voile of the highest premium quality. It is very soft and therefore pleasant to wear, especially in the hot sun. Therefore the West-Africans using this Osaka voile mainly during the hot summers.

They are available for a very affordable price and therefore attractive to purchase comparing to a more expensive brocade and is available in many colours. It is easy to use for nice dresses, skirts and tops and is mainly use by West-African countries like Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and Niger, Togo, Ivory Coast and many more. The Mileta Osaka voiles are used by both women as men.

The nice beautiful woven designs are easy to use because of their less complexity. The designs are mainly simple squares, lines, stripes and other geometrical figures. The colours of the Mileta Osaka voiles are soft in tones. Popular colours for the Mileta Osaka voiles are beige, yellow, lime green, grey, sky blue and white.

If you are looking for a nice voile, soft, luxury and colourful, choose Mileta Osaka voile.

• Leading voiles for African market
• Swiss voile de luxe
• 100% finest cotton mercerized
• Length: 5 meters
• Width: 1,40 meter
• Affordable price
• Many colours

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