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Getzner Textil is Austrian manufacturer of African brocade of the upscale genre and is one of the most important and experienced suppliers for the brocades shedda of high quality for both the West-and Central African market. The premium quality products in all its variations comes mostly in 160 cm width I and s made of 100% cotton and guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort due to its special, noble soft and silky feel. The technology of weaving by Getzner Bazin gives the brocade the unique, silky and shine, as well as the typical grip of their brocade shedda products.

A variety of designs and more than 160 colors allow the old and young, both men and women customer an almost inexhaustible selection of brocades shedda’s. Getzner is not only produce bright colors as a uni brocade shedda like Super Magnum Gold but also coloured fabrics from dyed yarns called WIFI. Another product innovation of the finish, which makes a two-coloured look possible is the quality Annour. As a premium supplier of brocades shedda, Getzner is offering also Madame Getzner” in a width of 160 cm. On the finest quality of Getzner we create exclusive designs in harmonious colour compositions.

Some more exclusive is the Bazin Getzner embroideries, which are embroidered brocades decorated with nice embroidery and glittering stones. The real Getzner brocade shedda can be recognized by the woven weaving edge, the golden Getzner stamp and the subtle rose scent. Getzner brocade comes into 160 width and you can buy it in lengths of 30 yards, 10 yards or 5 yards.

Do you want to buy Getzner online? In our Getzner online shop abonve you will find all the beautiful bazin Getnzer pieces.

Getzner Super Magnum Gold

Getzner Super Magnum gold is a 100% cotton product with many variations and all come in 160cm width. It is comfortable to wear because it’s exquisite and sophisticated soft feel. The finish is typical for Getzner which makes it possible that it remains long after washing many times. Getzner Super Magnum gold has more than 160 different colors what give the customer the opportunity to choose your favourite color and design.

Getzner Brocade is only producing plain coloured brocades shedda for the Super Magnum gold. The designs are small most likely for men use and bigger designs for women use. Getzner Super Magnum is only available in 160 cm width. The most common length is 30 yards. However ask for availabilities in smaller sizes like 10 yards, and 5 yards.

Madame Getzner

One of the premium qualities of Bazin Getzner is the printed Getzner called Madame Getzner. This type of Getzner is like the Super Magnum gold but then finished with nice prints on the woven brocade to make the fabric more diverse. These fabrics are mostly used by Women cause of the floral prints. Madame Getzner is available in 160 cm width and 10 yards length packages. For special demand we can cut them into 5 yards. Please ask for current availabilities.

Getzner embroideries

Getzner embroidery is a premium segment in the Getzner brocade collections. It is called HeDee. These premium brocades are decorated with highly exclusive fine embroidery elements to give the brocade shedda an extra luxury look. With shiny yarns and great patterns in many colors it gives the brocade unusual but nevertheless glittering look. Extra features that are used on top of the embroidery are Swarovski crystals. These types of brocades shedda with embroidery is ready to use for special occasions like parties, weddings, business meetings, and private personal occasions. It gives you a fashionable luxurious look. Getzner embroideries are available in 160 width and in 5 yards length packages only.

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