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Seersucker is a product type that is well known by mostly the Ghanaian customers.

This product is known for their coloured designs with symbolism that is used in Ghana. Mainly by the Ashanti tribe. The symbolism that is used for the prints are the typical Adinkra symbols. The Adinkra symbols are printed on the clothing that they mostly use for funeral.
Adinkra also means farewell. That is why the people still using this type of cloth today during funeral ceremonies. Adinkra symbols representing various meanings and messages.

This product is also known as Gaufré by the French speaking Africans. The typical feature is the embossed design or gauffré design that is added to the fabric after the printing of the fabric. This embossed look gives the fabric something extra besides the print.
The embossing is done by high pressure on the fabric done by machinery mold.

Beside the coloured pieces we are offering also Brezi and Kobene. These are used for occasions like traditional funerals. Brezi means black, Kobene means Red.

100% Cotton

  • Length: 6 yards = 5,5 meter
  • Widht: 1,20 meter


  • Brezi
  • Kobene
  • Seersucker (printed)


  • Plain
  • Seersucker (embossed)

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