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Bubble Wax is part of the Vlisco production line. Bubble Wax is like any other Waxblock but showing  the breaking technique to create a look of bubbles all over the fabric. It looks a little bit like an animal print or a kind of camouflage. It gives you a natural organic idea if you see the fabrics.

The fabric has a background colour and the bubbles are in a different colour. Some bubbles are bigger than other to get a vibrant fabric that is easy to combine with other fabrics. Especially this can be used by man, cause the simplicity of the fabric and the soft tones of colouring. The Bubblewax comes into 2 variations. Bubblewax Premium Cotton and Bubblewax Cotton Poplin.

Bubble Wax Premium Cotton

The Regular Bubble Wax is made with 100% Premium Cotton.  The technique that is used is in the base the same like the guaranteed real dutch Wax block prints. The main availabel length is 6 yards, which is 5,48 meter. The width is 1,20 meters. Each Bubblewax contains a gold edge.

Bubble Wax Cotton Poplin

The second quality in Bubble Wax is the Bubblewax Cotton Poplin. Same bubbling effect, same tecniques of printing but made with Cotton Poplin, which is softer and therefore more comfortable to wear. The Cotton Poplin gives you a more cooler feeling. The main length is 6 yards, which is 5,48 meter. The width is 1,20 meters. Same like the regular one this is finished with a gold edge.

Bubble Wax Embellished

Both qualities,  Bubblewax Premium Cotton and Bubblewax Cotton Poplin are available with extra embellishment. One side of the fabric is embellished with an extra gold finish to give the Bubblewax an extra luxury look.

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