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Julius Holland is well known brand of luxury premium African wax prints

Julius Holland was established in 2002 by family 85 years owned business for African fabrics. Julius Holland as brand is been evolved to well-known luxury premium quality African wax print brand, for the young, energetic and modern women and men. Julius Holland wax is a brand that is obtainable for those who would like be fashionable, with respect to their own culture and traditions, but with  a personal identity and expression of what they want to be. Julius wax fabrics also known as Julius Holland Atampa are very goods and easy to use as uniform for agbada/groups. The Julius Holland fabrics offers you best quality price ratio in the world.

More than just a brand

Julius Holland as brand is more than only a brand of African wax prints. Julius Holland guarantees premium quality, modern, traditional, tasteful  and vibrant designs. Julius wax is made to be wearable both daily use as for any special occasion like weddings or birthdays. Julius Holland is the brand to use for Agbada uniform dressing what is mainly used for occasions like weddings and other parties.

Wax Julius Holland is made from sketch till packed in-house by the team of Julius Holland. Our main goal since the beginning of Julius Holland is to get the best price/quality ratio wax prints accessible all over the world. Julius Holland is unique by using long established experience in the market of African fabrics with personal sense of culture, traditions and modern behaviour of each type of  client all over the world. Julius Holland is easy to use and ready to wear. Women and men they can dress themselves in our beautiful vibrant fabrics every day with their own personal creations. All Julius Holland fabrics are made with premium quality materials, like premium cotton and cotton satin. Interested in Julius Holland Wax wholesale? Take a look at our Wholesale opportunities.

Julius Holland Waxblock

Julius Holland fabrics are available in all different variations and types of finishes. Every new collection is colourful, vibrant and new to meet our client expectations. Nowadays Julius Holland is producing all different types of wax prints. The most common wax block print, which is mostly the base for any other variation that is made for the brand Julius Holland. Julius Holland Waxblock are made with premium cotton and very soft which makes it comfortable to wear them.

Julius Holland Superwax

Secondly Julius Holland Superwax, which is slightly softer than the wax block print and has its own typical patterns and colours. The Julius Holland Superwax is made with Premium Cotton.

Julius Holland Seersucker

The Julius Holland seersucker are well known by mostly the Ghanian customers. The seersucker is known for their coloured designs with symbolism that is used in Ghana. The seersucker is also known as Julius Holland Gaufré. Beside the coloured ones Julius Holland is also offering Brezi and Kobene. That are used for occasions like traditional funerals. Julius Holland Seersucker is made with cotton.

Julius Holland Limited editions and exclusives

Julius Holland offers many different limited editions and exclusives. These are only available through our selected Julius Holland partners of sale and available in limited quantities. The limited editions and exclusives are Waxblock limited edition embellished, Waxblock limited edition Osikani, Waxblock limited edition Sunglass, Waxblock and Superwax limited edition embellished, Waxblock limited edition Supergold, Waxblock and Superwax limited edition Swarovski stones. All Julius Holland Limited editions and exclusives are made with Premium Cotton, except the Julius Holland Cotton Satin.

Julius Holland Osikani

Julius Holland Osikani is a Waxblock print embellished with scratch gold method. The finish gives the regular Waxblock an extra shiny look with additional gold patterns on top of the fabric. Julius Holland Osikani is made with Premium Cotton.

Julius Holland Sunglass

This Julius Holland Sunglass has different look as Osikani. This fabric has overall layer finish of golden glance what looks like the sun is shining into your sunglasses. If you wear this material you will definitely stand out among others. Julius Holland Sunglass is made with Premium Cotton.

Julius Holland Waxblock Limited Edition Embellished

These fabrics are based on the Julius Holland Waxblock print fabrics, with their own colours combined with metallic blockings. Very popular blockings are silver gold and champagne. Many more sparkling colours are available of the product type, like metallic blue, pink, red or purple. As mentioned above, limited editions, are really limited, because those fabrics are exclusively and limited in stock, therefore those items are very popular. Julius Holland Waxblock Limited Edition Embellished is made with Premium Cotton.

Julius Holland Superwax Limited Edition embellished

These fabrics are samen like Superwax and same embellished features like the Julius Holland Waxblock limited edtions embellished. Julius Holland Superwax Limited Edtions Embellished is made with Premium Cotton.

Julius Holland Supergold

Julius Holland gold is also based on the waxblock print fabric finished with a different type of gold layer blocking. This fabric contains a complicated process of foil gold. Exclusive in design and unique in its kind. Julius Holland gold is made with Premium Cotton. It is luxury fabric, which can be used for celebrations of all kind. If you wear this type of cloth people will say “Wow” cause you will be shimmer and shine from top to toe. The ultimate exclusive choice.

Julius Holland Waxblock – Superwax Limited edition Swarovski stones

These Julius Holland fabrics are additional embellished with high class crystal glass Swarovsky stones. These are made with Premium Cotton

Julius Holland Waxblock Limited Edition lace

Julius Holland waxblock limited edition lace are fabrics finished with the finest embroideries and shimmer stones. These are ready to make a dress without adding embroideries and laces to it. A very good choice for your wardrobe. These Limited edition with lace are made with Premium Cotton finished with lace and embroideries. Julius Holland represents the latest trends from all over the world. It offers a large range of colours and designs to satisfies every client fashion needs. Every collection is mix of favourite well known classic patterns, fresh colours and modern exciting designs.

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