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The Bauer Company has been an established force on the West African market for four decades with fabrics of the highest quality. Bauer Textil, was established in Germany by Curt Bauer. One of the oldest Brocade/Bazin shedda producers in the world and is operating since 1882 as manufacturer of the finest fabrics. Especially for the West African Market they are producing Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda’s of higher classification. They can say with certainty that they are among the top of the Brocade / Bazin Riche producers.

They have premium quality products made with the finest Egyptian cottons for the West African market. The Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda’s are popular in Senegal, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Guinee, Central Africa, Cameroon, Togo, Benin Rwanda and many more countries in the West of Africa.

All types have a comfortable pleasant feeling when you wear them. The quality of weaving is very high, therefore the weaving of all types are very strong. That is why their Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda’s are unique and popular for many years. The shine is smooth and gives a beautiful look on the vibrant colours we offer.

They offer a big variety Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda’s. We offer three different main qualities of Bauer. We have many designs and plenty colours which makes it possible for the customer to select what they like. The choices are endless.

As a premium supplier of Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda, Bauer is offering Fulda in a width of 130 cm. Fulda is one of the finest qualities of Bauer Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda. High Style President, an upper class Brocade / Bazin riche shedda and finally the Bastei, a fine high style Brocade / Bazin Rich shedda for a lesser price but not lesser in quality.

The real Bauer Brocades / Bazin Riche shedda’s are recognized by their own styles of designs, colours and the golden stars, which are stamped in the edge and are related to the qualities, Fulda, President or Bastei. Fulda has 21 stars, President 15 stars and Bastei 6 stars.

Bauer Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda’s are coming into 140 cm width and 130 cm width and you can buy it in all different kind of lengths. Starting from 5 meter up to 30 meters. Our web shop is offering per 5 meter so if you have a particular demand please mention that you prefer a certain length.

Keep in mind we only offer a multiple of 5 meters, so 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or the maximum of 30 meters are available to cut for you.
In our assortment you will find 3 variations, Bauer Fulda, Bauer President and Bauer Bastei. Below we mention all the main features of these types of Brocade / Bazin rich shedda’s.


High luxury Brocade/Bazin Riche shedda, excellent for any occasion or daily use. Strong texture made with the finest Egyptian cottons.

Length: 5 up to 30 meters
Width: 130 cm
Colours: many vibrant bright colours available


This type is a high style Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda, light in weight and very soft touch feeling.
This Brocade is made with the finest Egyptian cottons

Length: 5 up to 30 meters
Width: 130 cm and 140 cm
Colours: many lovely bright colours available


This Brocade / Bazin Riche shedda is the entry level Brocade Bazin Riche you can buy at our place of the Brand Bauer. It is a high style Brocade / Bazin Rich shedda which is less strong than the previous qualities above but not less in quality. It is also made with the fines Egyptian cottons.

Length: 5 up to 3o meters
Width: 130 cm
Colours: soft tones colours available

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