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Victoire Magic

Victoire Magic



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Victoire Magic

Victoire Magic is high quality genuine (guinea) Brocade shedda which has the same quality fine Egyptian cotton as Victoire Unique with an exquisite brilliance and contrast. Compared to the Victoire Unique the Victoire Magic has an extra technical feature which makes the fabric resistant to liquid and to stains. That means less washing and fantastic look for a longer period of time. It is a very unique feature for this type of brocade and quality.

If you spilled some liquid like water, coffee or soda on your lovely Victoire Magic you can wipe it off easily, but also stains, dirt or food like ice-cream, ketchup this fabric is resistant to it and you can wipe it off. So this makes this fabric very modern due to its sustainability. Better for the environment and less expenses because of multiple usage possibility.

• Highest quality modern brocade
• Liquid and stains resistant finish
• Sustainable fabric, less washing
• Exquisite briliance and shine remains after washing
• Premium class perfumed
• Softness for extra pleasant feeling
• Endless variations of colours
• 160 cm width
• High contrast in design
• Affordable price

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