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Jansen Holland House of premium African fabrics is the place to be for Laces. We are proud to offer you the most luxury laces like Swiss Voile lace, with finest embroideries, shine, glitters made with the best materials. Jansen Holland has all type of laces made by the best specialist manufactories in the world. The luxury laces of Jansen Holland are the perfect choice for all type of occasions. If you have marriage, 50th anniversary or another celebration you are the right place at Jansen Holland to get the most beautiful laces. Jansen Holland House of premium African fabrics has a wide range of laces picked by our experts. Many styles, designs and colourways are available. You will definitely find something that will suit you for your occasion in our online store.

How it is made

Laces are worn by West-African people mostly when they have something to celebrate. The laces are richly embroidered to give you that luxury shining look, especially when you are on an occasion to celebrate. Each Lace is different and has its own style. Laces are made of mostly 100% cotton but there are also laces made of half cotton and synthetic, other materials that are uses are silk and different qualities of fibers. Back in history lace was made by hand and open weblike pattern. Nowadays laces are machinery made in all kinds of qualities.

A lace can be embroidered all over the fabric or really delicate placed embroidery. Each lace makes it possible to customize by the user itself ready to wear it for the particular occasion. To let a lace look rich, the manufacturers are using a mixture of high-end materials like beads, sequins and other embellishments. All these materials including the embroidery can be made in each colour and quality, like the finest cotton yarns or Swarovski beads to give its glamourous look.

The Swiss voile laces of Jansen Holland are the made of the highest quality and the most popular in the Swiss Lace market. The Swiss voile laces are exclusive in design and embroidery and you will not find them at each store at the corner. The Laces of Jansen Holland House of premium African fabrics are mainly produces by manufacturers in Austria and Switzerland. All the luxury limited laces of Jansen Holland are made with precision and exclusive embroidery machines. To make a luxury lace it takes a day to produce a few meters and one colourway. That makes these luxury laces so special.

Types of lace

Jansen Holland is offering you all types of laces, styles, designs and colours. Swiss voile laces are the main laces Jansen Holland proudly present to you. Many colours and designs available, All these Swiss Voile laces are rich embroidered, each with its own particular design and colours. Stocks are limited for Swiss Voile lace to guarantee you that you buy an exclusive lace, design and colour for your occasion that nobody else can get.

Besides these very high quality luxury laces, Jansen Holland is offering you also French Lace also known by the name Guipure. This is a type of lace called also Coupion. The motifs of de design in this lace are connected with bars or plaits. Another type of lace is organza lace. Organza is thin weaving and traditionally made with silk. Organza is nowadays made with synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester. They organza laces used in Africa are mostly all-over organza with embroidery features. Another type of lace are the African George laces. These laces are type of silky lace finished with gold yarn embroidery. The embroidery is mostly on the bottom very rich and up to the top some smaller parts have embroidery. Besides all this Jansen Holland offers many more variations of lace, low up to high prices.

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