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The brand Vlisco is the most famous brand  for African fabrics in the whole world. Vlisco is excisting since 1846 and located in Helmond, The Netherlands. Vlisco Holland or Vlisco Helmond, as often called, is specially well known for its distinctive crafted colourful fabrics. For more than 170 years, Vlisco manufactured  many  original textile designs for the West-African clothing market. Both traditional and modern designs are still worn nowadays and are still loved by the West-African people.

Many of these designs became a cultural meaning by the West-African people. Its classic designs became a really culture heritage.
Beside the classic designs new designs are produced for the modern young new generation of people who love to wear Vlisco. Vlisco Hollandais Dutch Wax fabrics are transformed into many creations by its customers, traditional shapes of dresses as well as modern fashionable looks. Each creation is one of kind.

Vlisco Hollandais has many kind of fabrics. The main qualities and most famous ones are Wax hollandais, also known as, Waxblock and Superwax. Besides these main qualities the Vlisco has a wide range of different product types and fabric types. The product types are explained here below. One of the latest fabrics types is Cotton Satin. The name already says what it is, it is softer cotton because of the satin. This type of product is produced with both classis as modern designs. Cotton Poplin is another fabric type, that is slightly different than Satin. Poplin is a type of weaving. Poplin is light in weight so very comfortable to wear.

Vlisco produces also some really exclusives. Exclusive designs printed for particular distribution like our own Jansen Holland Exclusive designs or exclusive distribution in certain geo-locations for instance only in Europe of only Africa. These pieces are available at our Vlisco online shop. Vlisco also produced its own Brocade/Bazin Riche. These brocades/ Bazin Riche fabrics are made in two types Uni colours and printed.


Waxblock also known as “The Hollandisch” or Dutch  guaranteed Wax. Another well-known word is Attampa for this type of fabric. When they talk about Attampa, everybody in the West of Africa knows where you are talking about.  The Waxblock is very popular by the whole of West Africa, and especially by some main countries like Nigeria, Congo as the biggest markets, furthermore Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, and Guinéé Conakry.

Other countries where the fabric are sold are Cameroon, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, and Angola for instance. All have their own particular colours and patterns that they prefer. For instance the Igbo tribe in Nigeria.  They have their particular blue, yellow and red colours that are used for the classic patterns from Vlisco for the Waxblock. These colours and patterns are also used frequently by the Yuroba tribe in Nigeria as well.  Nevertheless other countries have their particular preferences.

Ghana colours are for instance mainly bright. Ghana and Ivory Coast always prefer 12 yards length instead of the 6 yards length. Some designs of the Waxblock are used in more countries. Each country gave their own name and meaning to those designs. For instance a design called by the Igbo people of Nigeria “Jumping Horse” is known in Ivory Coast by the name “Je cours plus vite que ma rivale” (run faster than my rival). Many classic designs are used for “Agbada” which means group uniform. The classic designs are easy to dress a large group of people in the same style, colours and patterns for parties and occasions. This mean the rivalry between co-wives. In the north of Nigeria, the main tribe is Hausa, these people are more used to Superwax.


The Superwax was first made in the late 60’s of last century. Superwax was first very popular in Guinée Conakry and mainly the Democratic Republic of Congo. Famous designs like Onion, Village Molokai and many other classics are still used nowadays. Sometimes a new design gets immediately a status and meaning by the users like Michelle Obama’s Bag.


A very popular category was Java Print. The most famous and important design of the Vlisco range is the design Angelina, also known Ya Mado and Miriam Makeba. There is a lot written about this design and gain so much popularity in the past years that is adopted worldwide. Even in some other parts of the world the design became authentic in their own cultures. Like Mexico, Peru, Japan and Nepal


Besides those 3 main categories the Vlisco also produces many other kinds of fabrics nowadays. These are like WaxWax, Skywax, Bubble Wax, Grand Superwax, Glitter Glam, Cotton Satin, others have an additional finish like pastefit. These are more known as Embellished or Exclusive. The Waxblock and Superwax with Embellished have an additional gold blocking to give the fabric an extra luxury look. These are very popular, especially in the north of Nigeria.


Skywax is a full dark overdyed fabric finished with gold embellishment. Mainly famous classic designs are used. The overdyed colours are very dark blue and green mainly.


Waxwax is a fabric which has two different designs printed, each pint is printed on one side and only used blue indigo dye. As extra feature the WaxWax is coming out in three different types. The regular one is a premium cotton with two printed designs on each side. The other two types are the same but made with cotton poplin. One is the regular WaxWax cotton poplin, the other one is WaxWax cotton poplin embellished.

Bubble wax

Bubble wax are coloured designs with only the bubble effect. In this category we have also two types. The regular one is Bubble wax premium cotton the other one is Bubble wax cotton poplin.

Classic Revival

One of the last new products of Vlisco is the Classic Revival. This collection contains 4 variations. Premium cotton, premium cotton embellished,  cotton satin and cotton satin embellished.


Glitterglam is really popular in the whole world by the West-African customers. This quality is made of Cotton Satin and in the base like a Waxblock. The Glitterglam is finished with some nice embellished. Each design of Glitterglam is limited in stock and therefore really exclusive.

Grand Superwax

Grand Superwax is even more popular than the previous above. Glitterglam. It is the highest produced quality of Vlisco producttypes. Grand Superwax is basically a Superwax, but made with Cotton Satin instead of Premium Cotton. The Grand Superwax is finished with a high-end shining cover to give the product the status of extra extra luxury. Same like Glitterglam these quality is a limited edition, limited in stock and very beloved by its users.

Vlisco Brocade/Bazin Riche

Vlisco Brocade or Bazin Riche is made in two variations. One is uni colour, which means one plain colour with nice woven pattern. The other one has an additional print on the woven pattern. The base is same like the Uni Brocade/Bazin Riche finished with a print. One of the most famous prints of Vlisco is used on these Brocade/Bazin Riche print, namely Angelina, like the Java designs.

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