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Voile is the French word for veil. It is type of fabric that is literally hanging cloth. It very soft and light and therefore very pleasant to wear. The voiles in the assortment of Jansen Holland are Swiss voiles. Voile is existing already for long period in time used by African societies. Because of the elegance of the voile fabric it is often used for occasions like marriages
However these products are in the beginning more for women in Europe, the product of today is mainly used by men in the West of Africa.
The Songhai, Hausa and Fulani tribe people in West Africa are using voile the most, and traditionally only by men. Hausa are mostly living in Nigeria. Fulani are living in Mauritania, Cameroon and Central republic of Africa.

Swiss Voile

The Swiss voiles of Jansen Holland are made with 100% finest cottons comes in many variations of colours and designs. Jansen Holland offers Mileta Osaka voile, which is one of the most popular brand in West Africa. Besides this popular brand, Jansen Holland is offering Swiss Voile Princesse Sherli and Swiss Voile Sherli Hedee. Both Swiss voiles sherli qualities are made with the sherli weaving method. The sherli effect is way of weaving which results into a raised edges on the fabric. Sherli is also known as clip cord.

The voiles in the assortment of Jansen Holland are available at affordable prices which makes it easy to use them to make your own dresses, skirts, tops and many more.

• 100% Swiss cotton voile
• Length: 5 yards = 4.57 meter
• Width: 1,40 meter
• Extra soft
• Variations of colours and designs
• Affordable price
• Premium brands like Mileta Osaka, Victoire and Heedee

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