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Meba Wo Abrokyere

Meba Wo Abrokyere is a product meant for the traditional Ghanaian clothing. Mostly used by the Ashanti tribe which is one of the biggest tribes of Ghana. This product is used for ceremonial occasions like funerals, Christmas, Easter, marriages, and others like visit to the church or an formal event in the village or town. There is a wide range of different qualities, features, both simple as full embellished with nice embroideries, patches of towel, sequins, silver foil and more.

Each Meba Wo Abrokyere has its own features and specialties. Each type has its own product name, which indicates the quality of the Meba Wo Abrokyere and what kind of embroidery or additional features the fabrics contains. Jansen Holland is offering Obama and President at the online store.


The designs are mostly showing one or more Adinkra symbols. Adinkra symbols are traditional used by the Ghanaians. In the past Adinkra clothing were traditionally only meant for the royal families and leaders for spiritual occasions like funerals, what is still done by the Ghanaians today. The only difference is that it is not only used by the royal families anymore. Traditionally the clothing is red, dark brown and black. Nowadays many brighter colours are used and all types of features are used to embellish the Meba Wo Abrokyere.


Meba Wo Abrokyere is available in a length of 12 yards which is almost 11 meters. The width is 1,20 meters. Traditional colours are black with black embroidery, black with red embroidery, red with red embroidery, black with dark embroidery, black and white embroidery. Other more brighter colours are mainly the embroidered colours on a soft tone coloured fabric like crème or white.

The Obama qualities are rich embroidered with some empty spots which gives the design a vibrant look. The President qualities are embellished with satin patches the gives the product an extra luxury feeling.

Jansen Holland House of premium African fabrics is the place to be to find your Meba Wo Abrokyere Obama or President qualities. 100% woven cotton. Length: 12 yards is 10,97 meter. Width: 1,20 meter.

• President
• Obama
• Rich embroidery
• Vibrant colourful designs
• Adinkra symbolism
• Satin patches (President)


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