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Jansen Holland

Exclusive Swiss Voile 110424-01


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Beschikbaarheid: Slechts 1 resterend op voorraad

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Quality:  Swiss Voile High-end fine embroidery
with embroidered applications
Finish: shining stones
Length: 5 yards = 4,57 meter
Width: 1,30 meter
Colour: main colour is turquoise with embroidery in orange, light blue and violet.

This Swiss voile lace is a delicate and luxurious fabric.  It’s known for its intricate designs, lightweight texture, and sheer quality, making it a popular choice for elegant clothing and formal wear.
This particular Swiss voile lace has the finest applications in the shape of small leaves all over the lace including shining stones to makes this an very elegant fabric. (see a detailed second picture)

Applications of Swiss voile lace are diverse and versatile. It is commonly used in haute couture and designer fashion for creating stunning dresses, blouses, skirts, and even accessories like scarves and shawls. The sheer quality of the fabric lends itself well to layering, allowing designers to play with transparency and create visually striking effects.



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