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Vlisco Wax Hollandais VLH1455-051


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Quality: 100% printed cotton
Length: 6 yards = 5,5 meter
Width: 1,2 meter
Known as: Brique-brique / Bisquit or Shortcake

Waxblock Wax Hollandais
Waxblock also known as “The Hollandisch” or Dutch guaranteed Wax. Another well-known word is Attampa for this type of fabric. When they talk about Attampa, everybody in the West of Africa knows where you are talking about. The Waxblock is very popular by the whole of West Africa, and especially by some main countries like Nigeria, Congo as the biggest markets, furthermore Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, and Guinéé Conakry. Other countries where the fabric are sold are Cameroon, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, and Angola for instance. All have their own particular colours and patterns that they prefer. For instance the Igbo tribe in Nigeria. They have their particular blue, yellow and red colours that are used for the classic patterns from Vlisco for the Waxblock. These colours and patterns are also used frequently by the Yuroba tribe in Nigeria as well. Nevertheless other countries have their particular preferences. Ghana colours are for instance mainly bright. Ghana and Ivory Coast always prefer 12 yards length instead of the 6 yards length. Some designs of the Waxblock are used in more countries. Each country gave their own name and meaning to those designs. For instance a design called by the Igbo people of Nigeria “Jumping Horse” is known in Ivory Coast by the name “Je cours plus vite que ma rivale” (run faster than my rival). Many classic designs are used for “Agbada” which means group uniform. The classic designs are easy to dress a large group of people in the same style, colours and patterns for parties and occasions. This mean the rivalry between co-wives. In the north of Nigeria, the main tribe is Hausa, these people are more used to Superwax.

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