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Victoire Cool 19072-2045


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Victoire Cool- by JH Victoire

– 100% Best Egyptian Cotton
– Woven with a technical yarn to keep you longer cool during warm weather
– Bright colours
– Vibrant designs
– Shine remains after washing
– Most comfortable to wear
– Length: 5 meter
– Width: 160 cm
– Colour: blue


Victoire Cool is one of the highest grade in price in the JH Victoire collection. This is the best wearable brocade to buy at this moment. Victoire Cool is woven with a technical yarn that makes it ultimately comfortable to wear. The technical yarn structure within this Victoire Cool brocade shedda transports the moisture of your body outwards the brocade. So you do not feel sticky of steamy when you wear this cloth in the hot sun. Stay extra cool with Victoire Cool!

This type of yarn is exclusively and only available in the JH Victoire collection. Another favourable effect of the technical yarn in the Victoire Cool is that it has a very high brilliance which stays after washing and washing. It almost looks like if you wearing a colourful luxury brocade with a silver glance on it. If you wear this brocade people will see.

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