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100% BemBerg™  unique cupro fiber
Length: 5 meter
Width: 160cm
Finish: natural shine


BemBAZIN™ is an innovative and valuable bazin for the African Damask fabricated in Italy. Its composition makes it unique in the world.
BemBAZIN™ is made with BemBerg™ a unique cupro fiber. A true original precious fiber which is exclusively for BemBAZIN, premium quality of African Damask. It is he brand of Asahi Kasei and refers to a regenerated cellulose fiber. The Cupro fiber.
The cupro fiber is an incomparable natural high-tech material, with an esthetic  and a special touch. The cupro controls moisture and is antitastic, its versatility and flexibility are perfect for the modern wardrobe.
BemBAZIN is produced exclusively by Ashi Kasei since 1931. Its innovative manufacturing process consists in the treatment of natural and abundant waste of cotton, the linters, thus giving it a true accreditation of Circular Economy.  The biodegradable waste is converted into innovative fibres for the BemBAZIN. The processs of making the Unique BemBazin is a traceable and transparent process, whose dynamic waste treatment system allows most materials to be recovered through optimized use of water and energy.
BemBAZIN™ is made with Japanese cotton fiber-based yarn using a highly technological process, and after it is woven gives more glance to the product. Comparing to others it is unique and competes with the best cottons in the world, it gives life to this high-quality bazin with innovative technical characteristics.
BemBAZIN™ offers a great comfort if we talk about natural breathability which increases after first time washing.
BemBAZIN™ thanks to its composition, has a high power of absorption and release of moisture, which helps to keep the body dry and give it a natural feeling of freshness.
The natural brilliance of the yarns of BemBAZIN™, combined with the wide variety of weaves used confers on the weaves patterns a tridimensionally a brilance and exceptional colors, which are preserved even after washing

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