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Vlisco Java VL5056-02


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Vlisco Java VL5056-01
6 yards

Availability: Only 1 left in stock

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Product information

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Brand: Vlisco
Quality: 100% cotton
Length: 6 yards = 5,48 meter
Width: 140 cm
Colour: variation purple, blue and mustard
Vintage Java: this is a vintage java pattern, soft cotton and with an extra large 140 cm width

Article name: Vlisco Java VL5056-02


About Java
Java Hollandais fabrics are one of the most famous fabrics that Vlisco, based in Holland produced for many years, therefore the nickname Java Holland. The Java Holland fabrics are different from other famous fabrics like Wax Hollandais and Super wax but are placed in the same range. ”Wax Hollandais Java” is also a common name for this fabric. Java prints have their own style and most of the time they have a highly glossed shining effect. The surface of the Java feels softer than a Waxblock. Java is a traditional west African fabric. It is very important for several cultural groups. A must have for people who love tradition and African fabric. Some designs are so much loved that they have gotten catching names instead of design numbers. Names as: Congo leave, Pencil, Adis abeba etc.
One of the most famous designs of Java is the one named Angelina. The design is based on original symbols that goes back to the Indonesian batik styles but also much further back in time. To late 1400, a design similar to this Angelina worn by Ethiopian high class women. The Angelina design became famous in the 60’s and 70’s because the design was adopted by Africans in America. This evolved eventually into a world known popular design that is recognized by people as cultural heritage of the country where it is found. From Peru to Japan and from South Africa to Mexico the design is worn as traditional cloth. But the real volume of the design is consumed in Guinea, Ghana and Congo.


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