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Vlisco Grand Superwax VLS8985-016


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4 yards

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Product information

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Black Friday Deal
Grand Superwax Shine Coupon / Fent

Quality: 100% premium cotton satin
Extra: soft touch
Length: 4 yards/2 pagnes Coupon / Fent = 3,65 meter
Width: 1,20 meter
Finish: Embellished shine

Description Like other fabrics of Vlisco the design is printed in liquid on the fabric. Secondly the base dye is mainly done with indigo blue colouring to give the fabric the deep blue effect. Than the breaking effect occurs during the printing what results into the bubbles all-over the fabric. Like a regular Superwax the Grand Superwax get its double colouring which means more colour blockings than standard of one colour blocking. Like the Superwax the Grand Superwax contains 3 colours and 1 dye colour. The last colour blocking is without the bubbling effect. After all the steps followed the final step is the highly glance finish to give it the status and name of Grand Superwax. A variation on the Grand Superwax is the Grand Superwax Super Shine. This fabric is in the base the same as a Grand Superwax finished with extra all over embellishment.

article name: Vlisco Grand Superwax VLS8985-016-Coupon

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