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Vlisco Classic Revival VL00501.119


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6 yards

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Other colours:

6 yards

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* Exclusive designs * Limited stock *

Quality: 100% premium cotton satin
Extra: soft touch
Length: 6 yards = 5,48 meter
Width: 1,20 meter
Finish: Embellishment

Maximum quantity per order: 1 piece of 6 yards


Classic revival is a quiet new product made by Vlisco. It is in the name; classic revival, which means a classic design in a totally new colourway. Well known classics from Vlisco are now produced into a modern new way with colouring and other techniques to give the famous popular designs a new look and modern twist to what is known for so many years in Africa.

Originally the classic designs are meant for the production of Waxblock fabrics. Famous design as “King Chair Ocheze” and Six Bougies are now available as Classic Revival. Same like the Waxblock the cotton fabric is handled with the liquid wax printed on the fabric. Secondly the fabric gets a base dye. This base dye is mainly indigo which is most common for the African fabrics, but other colours like brown or lighter colour of blue is used. afterwards the fabric is getting the other colouring like it is done with a Wax Hollandais. A first colour blocking between the design itself, and a second blocking come after to finish the printing procedure.

Comparing to Waxblock the Classic Revival has a soft touch because of using 100% premium quality cotton satin. Which is woven with the enormous high level accuracy to get the most beautiful type of cotton.  his gives the Classic Revival an extra luxury feeling and upgrade to the well known designs from the past. Classic revival is available in two types, with and without embellishment. The embellishment gives another extra luxury addition to the fabric.

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