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Vlisco Glitter Glam VLW5132-008



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* Exclusive designs * Limited stock *

Quality: 100% premium cotton satin
Extra: soft touch
Length: 6 yards = 5.48 meter
Width: 1,20 meter
Finish:  embellishment

Glitter glam is one of the most popular products of the brand Vlisco production line. Glitterglam is a very high-end luxury fabric with all-over embellishment on the fabric. This type of fabric is made on cotton satin which has very soft feeling and gives you a natural look of shine. The Glitter Glam is in the base made with the same printing techniques as a regular Wax Hollandais. The design put on the cotton satin for the Glitterglam is done by a liquid wax. Afterwards the fabric get its dye. Mainly this dye is an indigo blue colour but it can also be another colour like brown or India blue.

The next step is the colouring of the fabric Glitter Glam. After all colours are set on the fabric. The process of all-over embellishment starts. The Glitter Glam, what’s in the name, will be enriched with a highly shiny and glittering metallic all-over the fabric. This is done to give the luxury look that made this fabric so popular. The last step is to give the fabric extra soft feeling is a gleaming finish.

Glitterglam is especially great for making dresses for parties like celebrations, marriages or formal occasions.

  • 100% premium cotton satin
  • Soft feeling and luxury shiny look
  • All-over embellishment with highest precision
  • Extra gleaming finish for extra soft touch

Available lengths 6 yards


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